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Hello and thank you for visiting X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s Stockport dedicated website. We are keen to help you resolve any issue with an employee. From theft in the workplace to discrimination to substance abuse, you’ll find that our specialist team delivers accurate investigations and results with high definition evidence.

If there is something amiss on your business premises, with field staff or a new employee you can trust our employee investigation Stockport team to discreetly ascertain the truth.

Founded in 2012, X Three Surveillance Ltd. soon become the number one and go to firm in the area. Alongside their innate abilities, training and qualifications the team are aided by cutting edge technology. Every employee investigation operative has a background in the military, police or close protection environments so they comprehend the need for swift, thorough and innovative employee investigations that restore peace of mind and tranquillity in the workplace.

We’ve handled countless employee investigations in Stockport and across Greater Manchester and although you might feel like your investigation needs are highly sensitive, unique, peculiar or maybe that they’re a bad case of paranoia, please take the initiative and call our experts. It’s extremely likely that we have worked on a similar employee investigation already.

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Our operatives approach cases with empathy, resourcefulness and real experience not just text book theory. Our detectives are renowned for their exceptional case execution and cost effective management.

Our clients are people just like you, in firms that mirror yours. Our services are not reserved for the famous multinational companies with millions to spend.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s Stockport team focus on the common troublesome situations of professional life and proactively secure resolutions. We can’t always deliver good news, but we’d like to. We supply answers that help people and their business operations to move forwards.

Unfortunately, employee investigations are necessary when the employer suspects that there is an issue. Whilst it would be life affirming if everyone that applied for or worked in a job never told a lie, “borrowed” stock or money from the firm and didn’t cause a colleague distress, this would also mean ignoring that there are very real problems that must to addressed. Employee investigations can’t fall prey to idealism or heartstring pulling and clouded judgement.

Using a professional and detached employee investigation firm is essential. We’re objective. Some employers believe that they are being underhanded by bringing in professionals, they are not.

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We guide clients through the legal limitations inherent in employee investigations but you are perfectly within your legal rights to start an investigation if you are suspicious about an employee.

Your privacy is your right, we never jeopardise confidentiality and we are meticulous about evidence and data storage. We don’t discuss cases outside of our professional environment and although we are locally based and live in an around Stockport we won’t divulge anything to anyone. We’re reliable, reputable and honest.

We are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our investigators hold all the necessary accreditations and insurances to work. We wouldn’t allow them to work on any case, trivial or otherwise, without everything being in good order.


  • False sick leave:

Is someone on your team so incredibly unlucky that their health fails regularly or conveniently to allow long weekends?

Why won’t they visit their G.P?

Are they ill or enjoying time off fully paid until the SSP runs out?

Is the time they’re taking off disproportionate to their malady?


  • False compensation claims:

Opportunity and temptation proves too hard to resist for some people. X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s Stockport employee investigation operatives have worked on several cases. We establish, with inadmissible proof, whether a claim is false, embellished or genuine.


  • Theft investigations:

Have your employees reported money or personal belongings as missing?

Is the petty cash inexplicably not balancing?

Is a till operator suddenly making a rash of mistakes that could be training issues related but you feel there is an ulterior motive for their “errors?”

Are stocks of resources disappearing suspiciously quickly?

Is someone accusing another employee to deflect attention from themselves?


  • Moonlighting:

Is an employee working elsewhere as they work for you?

Are they on sick leave from your company but you’ve received reports that they have been seen working elsewhere?

Has someone taken the step of registering themselves as self employed for extra work outside your firm?

Are the payroll department in your company working without being told of a change in circumstances which affects how the employee’s tax/national insurance works?


  • Industrial Espionage:

This isn’t limited to the movies and books. It’s a real problem. MI5 has confirmed a UK case that lost one firm a staggering £800m.

Is information about contracts, deals, leads generation and stock being leaked to a rival?

How did a competitor take possession of your sensitive company meeting notes?

How did the press know that an incident occurred in the work environment?

How can a competitor significantly undercut your prices, and so accurately?


  • Suspicions about staff:

Cutting edge GPS technology vehicle tracking tools are frequently used to follow the activities of field based staff members who might be enjoying more time at home than working. Text alerts related to specific area addresses can be set up.


  • Substance abuse;

The Institute of Alcohol Studies found that:

Alcohol alone costs the UK £7.3billion per annum in productivity.

15% of workers confessed to being drunk at work.

Employees, particularly office workers, are more likely to drink during the week.

They also drink in larger quantities and increasingly above healthy levels, far more than the unemployed or retired.

Can you afford to demur from a substance abuse employee investigation?


We’re here to help you.

The above employee investigations plus discrimination, bullying and any other cause of unease in the workplace are what we pride ourselves on resolving. We’ll thoroughly investigate and provide evidence which can be used in disciplinary hearings and/or legal action.

We’re always happy to discuss your case requirements. Please call 0161 8211 333 or use the live chat facility online.



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