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X Three Private Investigators Covers Stockport & Surrounding Areas

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X Three Private Investigators – Stockports No1 Private Investigation Service

Exceptional service delivery, remarkable skills and your case solved accurately.

Welcome to X Three Private Investigators.
We’re dedicated to serving the people, businesses and legal clients in and around Stockport.

Since 2012, we’ve been helping the 140000 strong population of Stockport to restore their peace of mind, replace suspicions with facts and we’ve saved many clients from situations that without our skills would have had potentially disastrous results.

We’re locally based, client focused, easy to talk to and we furnish clients with accurate and compelling results whilst guaranteeing total confidentiality. The only way that someone would know that they either are under investigation would be if you, the client who brought the case to us, told them.

Data Protection Act 1998: X Three Surveillance Ltd. is registered with the Data Protection Act 1998.

As a firm and individually every private investigator Stockport holds adequate insurance cover.

Peace of mind is invaluable

When you contact our private investigator Stockport team, enjoy the confidence that:

  • We don’t judge or chastise.
  • We won’t laugh or mock.
  • We haven’t lost our sense of empathy over the years.
  • We don’t act tactlessly or neglect the emotional aspect of your case.
  • We never overcharge or waste resources.
  • We refuse to gossip.
  • We aren’t “have a go heroes.”
  • We never use subcontractors.


  • We guarantee operatives are local in house accredited Stockport specialists.
  • We respect every client.
  • We innovate and act strategically.
  • We use cutting edge technology.
  • We always act within the law.
  • We assist the authorities with their cases.
  • We have extensive training and qualifications.
  • We have amassed a wealth of experiences and cases.
  • We possess exemplary records.
  • We have past careers in the military, armed forces or close protection environments.
  • We always act responsibly with data.

What cases do we take?

  • Investigations in Stockport.
  • Surveillance in Stockport.
  • Undercover investigations in Stockport.
  • Vehicle tracking in Stockport.
  • Bugging device sweeping in Stockport.
  • Tracing individuals in Stockport.
  • Background checks in Stockport.
  • Cheating partners in Stockport.
  • Catfish investigations in Stockport.
  • Lie detector tests in Stockport.
  • Co-habitation investigations in Stockport.
  • Subletting issues in Stockport.
  • Moonlighting in Stockport.
  • Fraudulent compensation claims in Stockport.
  • False sick leave in Stockport.
  • Industrial espionage in Stockport.
  • Employee investigations in Stockport.

Undercover in the workplace

Within a work environment a delicate undercover investigation may be required for any of these reasons, and more, in which the trust between an employer and employee or fellow employees has been compromised:

  • Sexual harassment in Stockport.
  • Fraud in Stockport.
  • Theft in Stockport.
  • Moonlighting in Stockport.
  • Industrial espionage in Stockport.
  • Bribes in Stockport.
  • Substance abuse in Stockport.
  • Work supervision issues in Stockport.
  • Health and safety or compliance concerns in Stockport.
  • Productivity level dips.


We don’t make a client’s distress about a situation last for a moment longer than it needs to. We care, and we are determined purveyors of fact.

 Private Investigator in Stockport

We’re proficient lie detector test co-ordinators.

Despite the use of lie detector tests on the television which can sometimes be abused or made to look “fun” we take our responsibilities seriously. Discussions about medications and control questions are mandatory prior to the test itself.

Lie detectors offer results via the uncontrollable reactions of the human body so even if someone verbally repeats their guilt or innocence ferociously, the lie detector will be able to unveil whether the claim is the truth, a lie, or if someone doesn’t know the truth.

For example:

A person may not have taken money from the till but they know who did.

John thinks Sarah is having an affair and spent the night at a work colleagues home when she said she was staying over at her sister’s flat. The credit card bill has made him even more suspicious.

X Three private investigator Stockport lie detector experts analyse the results with attention to the finest detail, focusing on: Private Investigator in Stockport

  • Body temperature
  • Breathing and breathing rhythms
  • Pulse rate
  • Galvanic skin response, also known as perspiration

Findings via this scientific method are conclusive.

Clients have our utmost respect

Since our launch in 2012 we have listened very carefully to our clients and this has enabled us to optimise our service delivery and to realise our goals and visions for the company and our lengthening list of clients.

We are extremely proud that our private investigator Stockport team has earned an enviable reputation and today we are the number one and go to firm in the Metropolitan Borough of Greater Manchester.

X Three Surveillance Ltd.’s operatives often outperform larger and national firms whilst still charging accessible local rates.Private Investigator in Stockport

No blindly hired subcontractors

X Three directly employs every private investigator Stockport as an in-house operative which means that they have met our stringent criteria and industry standards to be hired and entrusted with cases. They continue to be monitored and given new technology and technique training as the industry evolves so that optimum service levels are guaranteed.

In contrast to several rival companies we never use subcontractors because they may deliver investigations and reports at lower standards than our expectations and have older technological resources. We refuse to gamble with your time or money so we let other firms use subcontractors with varying levels of training, commitment, experience and qualifications. Private Investigator in Stockport

With us you get an outstanding X Three private investigators in house private investigator Stockport who’s locally based, socio-economically aware and highly motivated towards accurate goal achievement.

Private Investigator in Stockport

We don’t offer 24/7 365 days a year on call services but clients rarely require this level of application. Our private investigator Stockport specialists use common sense, strategic and innovative thinking and grasp their opportunities so that your hard earned money, time and patience aren’t wasted.

GMP crime figures make for distressing reading. Please be proactive, cautious and aware of cons and ulterior motives.

We know that it can seem daunting to escalate a dispute or nagging doubt to a professional level but for more information about our services please contact our private investigator Stockport team via the online chat facility or on 0161 8211 222. We are eager to help you.

Private Investigator In Stockport



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Private Investigator In Stockport

See Below For Our Service Available In Stockport And Surrounding Areas

Private Investigator In Stockport

Catch A Cheating Partner

Catch A Cheating Partner

Suspect a partner of cheating? Most people that do find something out. Getting results sooner rather than later means that you can move on from your past quickly or put aside your inaccurate claims and get on with your life.

Employee Investigations

Employee Investigations

Investigations into your work force to ascertain if the sick leave they are on is truthful. Do you suspect that an employee is over exaggerating their sickness or injury? X Three Surveillance specialises in putting specialist surveillance teams on employed staff to either exonerate their claims or show them to be false, saving compainies thousands of pounds in sick pay every year.

Co habitation Investigations

Co habitation Investigations

Investigations in to co habitantation are becoming more and more frequent with ex's who conceal a new relationship continue to receive maintenance payments from their ex husbands / boyfriendsor landlords being concerned about illegal sub letting putting their property at risk.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

X Three are vehicle tracking experts using the Live GPS system on a weekly basis. Our units are the very best locating a vehicle with an accuracy of 5 meters. Once the device is discreetly deployed on the target vehicle its location can be tracked every 10 seconds, giving you the vehicles exact location on a map, the vehicle speed & where the vehicle stops & starts from. Perfect for finding out if a partner is going places they’re not telling you about.



Do you have debtors? Run aways or lost family members. Our Manchester based tracing experts will have an address for you within 48 Hours. Here at X Three Surveillance we offer a ‘No Find, No Fee’ deal, if we for what ever reason cannot locate the individual then you will not be charged.

Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations

At X Three we have an agent who has deployed in undercover operations time & time again, infiltrating work places gathering inside information. Wether you believe that employees are stealing from you or from each other our undercover operative will deploy within your work place and uncover the truth.



Surveillance is vital in most investigations, used to gain the hard evidence needed. Wether its static observations, on foot or mobile in a vehicle, surveillance will provide photographic & video evidence of what you need. Conducted at an advanced level using 2 or 3 operatives we can infiltrate any situation & bring back results. Our team will liaise with you throughout the surveillance period reporting any vital evidence gathered, after the surveillance period you will be issued with a full typed report detailing the activities of the surveillance period along with photographs taken followed up with the video evidence obtained. All this is in the price of surveillance so they are no hidden costs.

Private Investigations

Private Investigations

All investigations undertaken by X Three Private Investigators are treated with the upmost privacy & professionalism. X Three take on investigations from private clients & business around Manchester. X Three Private Investigators deal with cheating partners, married or not, we investigate employees & even business partners. Do you believe that somebody has made a false injury claim against you or your company? X Three Private Investigators can gather the evidence to falsify this claim and save you thousands of pounds.

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