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Vehicle Tracking In Stockport

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Vehicle Tracking In Stockport

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Vehicle Tracking In Stockport


X Three Private Investigators – Vehicle Tracking In Stockport

Vehicle tracking in Stockport with X Three Private Investigators utilising cutting edge GPS tracking devices delivers data up to every 10 seconds with an accuracy of 5 metres and text alerts and secure PC logins are available.

These devices are used with great success for company fleets of vehicles and in cheating partner investigations.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recorded that around one third of all road traffic accidents involve an individual who has to drive to earn their living. The HSE expects employers to manage and, wherever possible, to reduce the risks to the public and to their employees in this area. The consequences of neglecting duty of care or allowing a driver to work beyond safe limits are severe.

A GPS tracking device will show where someone is and they can be recalled or their safe condition guaranteed from base because there is constant visibility. This method is cost effective, technology driven and shows a commitment to the HSE, staff and clients that safety is paramount.

It can also alert the base staff if a vehicle deviates from its route plan or seems to be at the driver’s home address which could mean they’ve sloped off early. Staff management is at optimum levels.

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 came in to effect in 2008.

This concerns an incident when death has resulted from a road traffic accident caused by:

  • A neglect of driver risk management.
  • No vehicle maintenance.
  • A faulty vehicle.
  • Driver behaviour e.g. fatigue.

Vehicle tracking in Stockport with GPS devices is an excellent resource that will always cost less than legal action.

It’s human nature that fleet vehicle tracking is not always viewed as a positive tool by employees. They may feel that vehicle tracking in Stockport is more about catching them out than keeping them safe. However, many employees understand the reasons for vehicle tracking when they are fully explained as a legal, and arguably moral, duty. It should be made clear that it is not generally a trust issue.


If you are concerned about a vehicle being stolen and wish to know its exact whereabouts at all times, a GPS vehicle tracking device presents a viable solution. Greater Manchester’s crime rate officially rose by 10% between March 2014 and March 2015 and it continued in this trend in 2016.

Although there are variations area by area it clearly shows that someone in Stockport who previously held the belief that they’d never seek professional GPS vehicle tracking in Stockport services could be faced with circumstances that necessitate preventative or responsive action, particularly if the crime rate keeps rising over the years.

In instances where vehicle tracking in Stockport is for a single vehicle, perhaps to ascertain if a partner is cheating, if industrial espionage is taking place or that someone is moonlighting, the GPS devices are discreetly added to the vehicle and are wonderfully accurate.

Proof is logged and can be saved for any length of time.

The ability to hold information related to vehicle tracking in Stockport ensures that if a case needs to be built over days, weeks or months, this can be done without any loss of detail and data remains password protected so only designated users can access records.

The UK vehicle tracking laws are governed by the Data Protection Act 1988.

A company using vehicle tracking in Stockport GPS devices collects data about the individual and not just the vehicle. This has Data Protection Act implications.

The Data Protection Act 1998 can cause confusion but our vehicle tracking in Stockport specialists can guide clients through the legalities of these measures.

Broadly speaking, the provisions under the Act mean that personal data can only be used if:

  • It’s in the interests of the vehicle driver to track them.


  • The person concerned must have consented to vehicle tracking in Stockport.


  • There is a legal (sometimes contract based) need to obtain data.

At X Three Private Investigators our vehicle tracking in Stockport specialists are highly trained and experienced. They use the GPS technology every day and can talk clients through the finer points. We also appreciate that vehicle tracking can save businesses money and improve efficiency.

We understand that these qualities rate very highly with clients when they choose their GPS vehicle tracking in Stockport service provider. Our operatives have the following vital attributes, plus many more:

  • Professionalism
  • Discretion
  • A sense of duty
  • Stockport centred knowledge
  • Strategic thinking
  • Independence
  • Reliability
  • Dedication
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence
  • Expertise
  • Effectiveness
  • Empathy
  • Experience
  • Understanding of people and motivations
  • An appreciation of cause and effect
  • Motivation
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • An armed forces, police or close protection career history.

As the acclaimed top rated and “go to” vehicle tracking in Stockport firm we only supply the best personnel, the highest levels of technology and complete compliance to the laws in place.

Expertise garnered in our previous occupations has often been brought in to play and we deliver indisputable and accurate results and work alongside the client to achieve their objectives.

We promise that we:

  • Don’t abuse a client’s time.
  • Don’t waste a client’s money.
  • Don’t risk a client’s patience or goodwill.
  • Don’t miss opportunities.
  • Don’t abuse trust.
  • Don’t discuss cases outside the work environment.
  • Don’t act like untrained have-a-go heroes.

But we do:

  • Deploy top rated, experienced and level headed specialists.
  • Seek accurate, comprehensive and indisputable results.
  • Supply results that can be used in disciplinary and legal action as required.
  • Possess a deep sense of integrity and a strong work ethic.
  • Charge local rates.
  • Regularly out perform national private investigator and vehicle tracking firms.
  • Ensure the client is our top priority and we inform them throughout.

Since our launch in 2012, X Three Private Investigators vehicle tracking in Stockport team has worked steadily, aimed for excellence and we’ve taken client feedback on board. This has helped our team to become the best, with an enviable reputation, in the Stockport and surrounding areas.

We know that clients don’t expert adequate, average or good enough service so we do more and go further.


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